In order to better understand how mudras affect your body and mind, it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of the three Ayurvedic constitutions, or types of physical and mental make-up, known as the doshas. These are made up of three energetic types: vata, pitta and kapha, and Ayurveda places great emphasis on keeping them in balance.

Many factors, both internal and external, disturb the balance of on e or more of the doshas, including emotional and physical stress, not eating for your body type, the seasons and the weather, physical trauma, and problems with work, family and relationships. Mudras gently but powerfully counteract negative influences that cause these energies to fall out of balance and play an important part in maintaining a healthy balance of the three doshas within your body, mind and consciousness.

Vata: air and ether elements; cold and dry; this is the energy of movement. Pitta: fire element; hot, dry qualities; this is the energy of digestion, assimilation and metabolism.
Kapha: earth and water elements; cold, wet qualities; this is the energy forming the body’s structure.