Online Group Sessions

Our online group yoga classes are conducted live on a daily basis. Live streaming yoga classes will be taken by experienced yoga teachers. Group classes will be conducted with very few members in order to give extensive care for all of the members in the batch. Regular online group yoga classes are excellent for the people who are willing to keep up their physical as well as mental health. It is preferred at the beginning and end of the session; members can raise their queries about yoga & health.

Online 1-to-1 Sessions

We offer one to one online yoga classes for members who have unique requirements or who want very personalized classes. Basically, it will be a sort of therapeutic yoga classes for specific disorders that the member has. Disorders including Back pain, neck pain, knee pain, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea, stress, immunity and more can be treated with the help of our live, customized and 1-1 yoga sessions

We offer therapeutic classes strictly in one on one basis in order to keep the classes highly personalized based on the need and ability of the members.

Online Meditation Sessions

We offers online meditation classes to rejuvenate your mind. These classes can be conducted in small groups or one to one basis. Basically, our yoga expert will guide you through the various meditation techniques which are suitable for you.

This online meditation class is suitable for people with a lot of stress, people who want to heal from depression, or for the people who are keen about meditation. This can help people to relieve their stress and be relax. Both adults and elders can join these classes to keep up their mind calm.