These movements help to release tension in your hands, regulate blood pressure and refresh your brain and eyes. They make a useful mini-break from keyboard work and can be used any time you would like to boost alertness.

  1. Close your eyes and gently rub each of your thumbs against the tips of the fingers of the same hand for 1 minute. This refreshes your brain and eyes.
  2. Loosely bend all your fingers and rub the fingernails of the two hands against each other (for up to 10 minutes daily) to stimulate mental activity and alertness.
  3. Use the thumb and index finger of one hand to massage the webs between the fingers of your other hand. Make sure your thumb is on the palm side of your hand. Repeat on the other hand to release stress. Much of the tension in the hands is held between the fingers.
  4. Using the tips of the index, middle and ring fingers of one hand, massage the grooves between the small bones on the back of your opposite hand for 1–2 minutes. Change hands and repeat. This helps to release tension in your hands and regulate blood pressure.